File Encryption XP 1.7.252

File Encryption XP 1.7.252: It is easy to use file encryption software for your personal computer. Encryption XP. Brute Force or Dictionary Attacks won`t help in cracking encrypted files. To use File Encryption XP, one does not need to be a computer whiz or a cryptologist. The program is brain-dead simple and very intuitive. File Encryption XP adds items into Windows Explorer popup menu to simplify encryption and decryption tasks. Since this application is capable of creating self-extracting encrypted files (.exe), File Encryption XP is perfect

Axommsoft Pdf AES Encryption Security 1.3: Add pdf user password using Axommsoft pdf encryption & set pdf restrictions
Axommsoft Pdf AES Encryption Security 1.3

encryption to batch protect pdf files using 40 & 128 bits encryption level and RC4 and AES encryption algorithms. Some features introduced with this tool are: (1) Software supports batch pdf encryption. (2) Software maintains the integrity of documents after encryption. (3) Application supports two level of encryption security 40/128 bits RC4 and 128 bits AES. (4) Pdf encryption tool restrict pdf print, edit, text copy, form fill and content extraction

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Endpoint Encryption Easy-to-use encryption solution for emails, files, folders, and USB flash drives
Endpoint Encryption

Encryption is a complete desktop solution which features three products in one: Secured eMail (email encryption), Secured eFile (file/folder encryption), Secured eUSB (USB flash drive encryption). They are all tightly integrated with Windows and require very little time to get used to and start working with. Secured eFile: Secured eFile is a file/folder encryption solution designed for ease-of-use, while maintaining the highest possible level of

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FineCrypt 10.1: Most popular encryption freeware.
FineCrypt 10.1

encryption tool with the following features: automated encryption; command line encryption; highly secure encryption with a single mouse click; secure communication with other users by email; task manager; key manager; file manager; encryption of files, folders and whole directory trees; creation of encrypted archives; creation of self-decrypting executables which can be decrypted without FineCrypt; encryption with password and with key; session

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Pdf Security of 256 bit Encryption 1.4.5: Encrypt pdf with Acrobat X & later support of 256 bit pdf encryption
Pdf Security of 256 bit Encryption 1.4.5

AxpertSoft Pdf encryption software is advanced desktop solution for locking pdf files with 256 bit long encryption key and Acrobat X & later support. Pdf encryption software is easy to use and affordable desktop utility. Tool quickly locks thousands of pdf documents with lightning fast speed, supports password encryption for large size pdf documents. Tool lets user to set pdf open password and pdf owner password both.

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Max File Encryption 2.0: The program can encrypt files, hide files and create self-decrypting packages
Max File Encryption 2.0

Encryption is a powerful yet easy-to-use encryption/steganography software that will help you protect your confidential information. With Max File Encryption, you can encrypt files of any type (including Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents), hide files and also create self-decrypting packages. The program uses the strong and ultra-secure Blowfish encryption algorithm that ensures your data safety. Max File Encryption allows you to put

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Armor System5 2.2.2

Armor System5 is a professional, easy-to-use encryption program for everyone who is serious about data security. The program includes three modules: File Encryption Module, Text Encryption Module (with built-in word processor), and Email Encryption Module. Each module takes a full advantage of the 40 industry-standard encryption algorithms and eliminates the need of user management of encryption keys.

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